Gotta have faith...

Today, I made a civilized wager with my dear wife. We were driving home from BJ's with a very very crabby Gabby. B wanted to give G a brand new roll of scott toilet paper from the 30-pack we had just purchased.

I told her, "You've got to be kidding! She'll tear it apart, and I'm not cleaning it up."

Alas, B was undeterred. B said, "There's no way she can open it. It'll be fine."

"Ha!," I said. "I bet you she tears that thing open, no sweat! You've gotta have faith in our little girl."

Guess what... Gabby had the car covered in toilet paper within 2 minutes. The wrapper was gone, the first sheets were unattached, and the mess was absolute. You've gotta have faith.

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