My Little Angel...

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

Beware of my big stick...or...I think the treasure is that way!

Apples and nature. That's life in Boston.

What does the busy baby say? "Uh-oh."

1 1/2 years old. What a big girl I am!

Okay. That's enough. I'm outta here, and onto other things!

Come closer. Closer... Wanna kiss?

Matzah? Matzah? Yeah, I like Matzah.

There is nothing like playing with a good set of bubbles.

I think I saw a camel. I did. I did see a camel! I saw three camels!

I've got my bags, and I'm ready to GO!!!

Now leave. I've had my bath, and I'm going night night.


The Good Rabbi said...

Beautiful pictures! I find it fascinating how this tiny little fasfus (yes, that's a word) grows into an actual person. The learning process is really something...

The Hobbs said...

Those big brown eyes!! Precious!

The Hobbs said...

Hey Gabby - wish your Dada a happy birthday for us! And your mommy too in a couple of days!
The Hobbs

j.w.cohen said...

Thanks Hobbs Family!

Svoboda Family said...

I love all of Gabby's cute clothes. She is quite the snappy dresser.