Ya, yah. Whatev, Dad.

You can clearly see how excited Gabby was about the news. Well, we're excited, and hopefully y'all are too.

Also, please take notice that in honor of the kidney bean we've changed the web address of this blog.


Anonymous said...

congratulations to team cohen. huzzah!

Svoboda Family said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Can't wait to meet the bean!


ZParents said...

BRing out the ginger ale, it's time for a celebration!!!

Erin & Arthur said...

From "No Babies" to "Bring on the Babies"! Way to go, guys. I guess that speed training regimen you put your boys on during the offseason really helped, Yog.

The Hobbs said...

"One & Counting", indeed! We are so happy for you guys. Gabby & the Kumquat are so lucky to have you as parents. :)

Linda said...

Joe, I just got a chance to actually check out the blog and I am cracking up at G's expression. That is completely priceless !!!!!

Congratulations, can't wait for new pic's !

Linda from Coach