A photo essay of the last month...

My people...

I have failed many of y'all during this joyous holiday season. For this, please accept my apologies. I will not attempt to win your favor with empty promises about being better at posting regular updates. Instead I will leave you with a photo essay of our exploits o'er the last month or so...

Let's begin!
We dress G in a nice outfit for our holiday card photo shoot. It went as well as can be expected for a little girl that has decided that no more pistures shall be had. Here's an outtake from the shoot.

Gabby! We're doing a holiday card photo shoot. Please lower your dress. It is uncalled for an unappreciated. (but it is cute.)

We had a great time at WeeZ's 2 yr birthday party. After a fun ride on the zilker zephyr, Gabby and Tiny D decided they were ready for seconds...

Gabby has had the pleasure of sharing some one-on-one time with Elise. They were having a ball.

Bobie came down for a visit. Gabby was sure to show off her playground and the feats of adventure, as she walked the wall.

Yaneev, Rae, and Bobie joined us for the first 4 nights of Chanukah. Gabby loved the candles, dreidels and the PRESENTS! We had a great time.

Here Gabby is telling me, "No Dadda, No! No Pictures!" Seriously. She's somehow become camera shy.

One afternoon, we were treated to an after noon of frolicking in Rudy's backyard. Uncle Jay is in management at the 360 location, and we even got a tour of the kitchen. In the picture above, Gabby is luring Luke onto her changing pad. And I quote, "Come here, Luke. Change diaper. It's fun." Seriously.

Gabby loves her green chair with Pooh and Piglet. Here she's reading me a book, or at least telling me how it should be read.

If I can't be a rockstar, who says Gabby ain't. She gets it from my genepool. Rock on, lil' G.

For Christas, Babci and Papa returned for a nice restful weekend. "Get up, Papa."

By the time we got through chanukah and christmas, Gabby was a pro at opening gifts. This of course is an essential skill. She's going to rock at pre-school one day.

If we don't see y'all, G, B, and I want to wish you a very happy new year.

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