Ellie's over a week.

Well, Ellie is over a week old now. Things have been going well. She's putting on weight and eating. The feeding could be going better, but it could also be going a lot worse - so cheers for that.

Here's a short list of some things I've learned this week...

Ellie has very blue eyes. She gets these from either her Mom or my Mom...regardless, they are blue.

If you go to sleep at 9, it's so hard to wake up at 11:30. Seriously. Try it.

Don't change a poopy diaper when you hear one poop. They always come in threes.

OK...and now more pictures. Click the photo below for the album.

2007 03 10
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Alicia said...

The photos of your girls are adorable. :-)How is Gabby adjusting to her new role as big sister?