Any advice will do

We've got some large flower bunkers in front of our house, and they've got some very pretty roses blooming. It's spring here, y'know. Anyway, the rose plants are rather large and unruly. They've got thorny branches growing into the sidewalk. If you think you can give some good advice on trimming a rose plant without killing it, please comment.

I thank you. My family thanks you. Our neighbors thank you.

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The Good Rabbi said...

We trained ours. No, not by sitting outside and teaching it to roll over, but by tying it to the side pillar of our front porch. Now they grow around the pillar, but it is getting might tall.

Julia said...

Yogi--you can just trim them, if you'd like. Be sure to reach behind the budding sections (and you can use the clippings as cut flowers!). It's hard to do, as you are probably afraid of hurting it or that it won't come back--but no worries--the rose bush will recover quickly. the ideal time for "hair cuts" is early spring. But better to do it now, rather than later, when the plant is vulnerable from the extreme Texas heat. You can also buy a trellis and some plant tape, and tape different branches to train them to trail up the trellis. This can look beautiful or really goofy, depending on how you do it--so be forewarned. ;) Keep the updates coming! We haven't had enough pics of little Ellie!

Tara said...

I think lots of cut roses for your wife is the way to make all happy. Martha S says to trim them just after flowering, but I think you might as well bring a bit of springtime inside!

Anonymous said...

You've got to chew them down, man!

- Jess