Ponderings on Ellie

First off, I wanted to explain to y'all why you haven't seen much actual "writing" on our blog lately. I'm not one to make excuses, and here they are...
1-Gabby still wakes up very early (usually before 6).
2-After Gabby goes to bed (around 7), Ellie demands to be held for a few hours.
3-The parent not on Ellie duty is cleaning up the house after the rest of us.
4-We go to bed early, to offset Gabby's wake-up calls and Ellie's mid-night feedings.
5-I've been busy at work, and been doing additional work from the couch in the evenings.
6-It's April, and it's raining.
7-Al Gore invented Global Warming.
8-George Bush bought my father-in-law's allegiance.

I think that's it...

Now onto the real subject of this post...ELLIE!

She's 8 weeks old tomorrow and I can tell y'all that she's already changed a bunch. Her face shape changed from a pear into an orange over the past week. She's developing a routine for herself - see excuse #2. And she's starting to express a personality - I think.

Personality: She makes these quizzical faces occasionally. It's as if she's judging whether or not I can be trusted. Or maybe she's pondering the role of each of us in her life. Whatever she's doing, I think she's on her way to being the "questioning" child.

Smiles: I tried to capture her smile in a photo a few days ago - hopefully y'all got the gist. It's really adorable and full of joy. When I think back to Gabby's first smiles, I recall feeling like she was smiling at me or you or whomever. Whereas Ellie smiles as if she heard something really funny. It's a slight shift, but it's there.

Hair: Ellie's hair appears to be curling a tad as it's growing out. If it continues on that route, she may bear more resemblance to her big sis...we'll see.

Sleeping: Ellie is a very loud sleeper. We're pretty laid back this time around, but we're constantly checking if she's awake and waiting for us. She grunts and moans and we check and she's peacefully sleeping. Then again, and we check and nothing has changed - our angel is slumbering.

That's all for now...it's late, and I need some rest! Later!

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