Ellie Milestones

Since this blog is the closest thing to a baby-book we have, I just wanted to note a few milestones.

1. Laughing. Last week, at 2.5 months, Ellie began laughing. She's such a mild-tempered baby, and it's easy to get a chuckle out of her. All you have to do is smile and coo at her, or kiss her tummy. Instant giggles. So cute. We'll have to try to catch it on video sometime soon.

2. Sleeping. We've been struggling a bit with Ellie's naps lately...she often only wants to nap in our arms, but, her nightly sleep is going great! On Thursday night, (her 12 week birthday) she ate at 4:30 pm, went to sleep around 7:00 pm, and didn't wake up to eat again until 5:00 AM! I figured the 12+ hours without eating must be a fluke, but last night she ate around 3:45 pm, went to sleep around 6:30 pm, and didn't wake up to eat until 3:30 am! Almost 12 hours between feedings again. The problem is that with those 3 and 4 pm feedings, she refuses to eat any more at bedtime between 6 and 7. I'm thinking that when we can figure out how to get her to eat at bedtime, maybe we'll actually all be able to sleep through the night! Woohoo! Sleeping...here we come!!!

3. This week Ellie found her hands. She stares at them in amazement. And eats them. It
s cute.

4. The eczema situation. (Not really a milestone...just an update). I've been dairy-free for a month now, and Ellie's eczema has been really under control for the past two weeks or so. So...the pediatrician thinks it's definitely related. She said she'll probably outgrow it by about 6 months, but until then, no milk or ice cream for mommy. Ugh.

I feel like there was one other thing I meant to note, but I can't remember what it was...oh well. That's it for now!

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