Friends Girls' Weekend

This past weekend, Ellie and I hosted "The Friends Group," which includes eight fabulous women that I met here in Austin while Joe was in grad school. We're now spread around the country a bit, but we get together a few times a year with as many of the eight of us as can make it, and sometimes the youngest babies as well. This trip included all eight women and the three youngest munchkins. For a great synopsis of the history of the "Friends Group," as well as more pictures from the weekend, please check out Kristen's blog post.

Here are the babies:

Ellie (2.5 months), Ella (6.5 months), and Patrick (2.5 months)
(Ellie is one day older than Patrick)!

And here's all of us:
Tammy, Shannon w/Ella, Basia w/Ellie, Laura, Erin w/Patrick, Emily, Jennifer, Kristen

Ellie was a champ this weekend. She enjoyed being held by anyone who was interested, had a great lunch with us at Chuy's, and slept pretty well both nights, despite the stuffy nose that's been plaguing her for almost 2 weeks now! (It seems that the worst is finally past, and hopefully we'll be booger-free very soon)!

Because we were going to have quite a full house, Gabby and Daddy went elsewhere for the weekend. I'll let Joe post the details of Gabby's weekend adventures, since I wasn't there to witness it, but from what I hear, she had a blast!

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