I'm so dissappointed in you...I'm gonna cry, now.

What, you thought I was kidding?

Ellie has this amazingly expressive little face. And she uses it all the time. When she moves her eyebrows, sometimes her hair moves... When she smiles her eyes crinkle, and her face glows...and when she frowns...oh man, can she frown.

Her lower lip goes out and poofs up. Her upper lip hibernates somewhere deep in her mouth. The outside edges of her eyes take a trip south. And then she looks at you. And you are ashamed. Random thoughts pour through your brain...

"Why, oh why can't I live next to her crib, so I'm ready to scoop her up and give her cuddles whenever she wants?"

"I thought she was smiling... I only looked away for an instant, and bam...she's sad!!!"

"What did I do? What did I do???"

"I want her to smile again. I need her to smile again. Please don't cry!!!"

Then the frown disappears. And I'm back in control. Seriously, her frown is that powerful. Or maybe it's that I'm her dad?

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