Ellie Milestones

Since this is the closest thing to a babybook I've got for Ellie these days, here's an update on her milestones as of late.

1. Sleeping through the night! Ellie started soothing herself to sleep two weeks ago (with a little impetus from mom and dad), and now she's been consistently sleeping through the night...11 to 12+ hours at a time! Woo hoo! (If only Gabby would go back to sleeping through the night, we'd be a well-rested family again)!

2. Rolling. Ellie can now roll from her back to her tummy. She did it yesterday at the playground (on a blanket on the ground with me), and this morning, I left her on her back on her playmat, and a minute later she was fussing...turns out she had rolled onto her tummy and wasn't very happy about it. She started rolling from tummy to back around 4 months, but hasn't yet figured out that she can roll back and forth at her convenience.

3. Moving/Scooting. Where we put Ellie to sleep in her crib and where we pick her up in the morning have been quite different since we stopped using the Miracle Blanket two weeks ago. The other day I watched her do a 180-degree turn on her back, and then another 180 on her tummy. I tried unsuccessfully to get it on video, so you'll have to trust me that it was super cute.

4. Sitting. She'll "tripod sit" for a while now, as you've probably witnessed in our recent video, and yesterday, she went from a tripod sit, to lifting up her arms and she actually sat up unassisted for about 10 seconds before beginning to topple. She prefers to be standing whenever possible, and only requires minor balancing support from her mom or dad.

5. Daycare. Since I'll hopefully be starting work in the near future, Ellie began daycare last week. We've started her a couple hours at a time, and each day it gets better and better. Her wonderful teachers have managed to coax her to sleep in this new bright and sometimes loud environment, and she's been eating for them like a champ so far. Hopefully each day will continue to get better with less crying and more happy times!

Pictures to come soon...I haven't yet figured out how to do that on this new site!

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