So I had an idea...

I'm sitting here in Austin, on a Saturday night, holding down the fort, and I decided to check out some of our sister blogs... Here's what I found...

Luke's blog hasn't been updated since the Patriots weren't favored to go all the way. No excuse.

Martin's going to be a big brother.

The Weiss blog is lagging, but hey...I know for a fact that there's been a lot of activity in that house - in anticipation of the coming addition.

Lily's dancing. Kind of resembles Luke. Might they have a future?

While the link to Vincent's blog from Luke's doesn't work...ours does. Anyway, I wish them the best on their hard drive issue...may the karmic winds blow your way.

Reno's got some new pictures up...and check out this family portrait. Are we ready for a baby again?? Check out Dylan. Baby's are so tiny. Yikes!

The Rotten Rabbi posted a hilarious video. Thanks, Yaneev.

And then I returned to our blog... First thing I notice is that I'm going to need to update the counter for Gabby soon. She hits the 2 yr old mark on Tuesday. Yay Gabby. It's crazy when you think about how much she's grown from year 0:

To year 1:

To year 2:

And lastly, I also noticed that I'm going to need to change the other counter on our blog... B's about ready to pop. I've gotta get in the zone. I'm about to be a Dad again!!!

Night night, y'all.

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