Night 2... Not too bad

Basia had a book club event tonight, so I put the girls to bed solo. Not bad. After a lot of dancing to the Beatles, hairbrushing (with B before she left), and pajamas, I read a couple of books to the girls in G's bed.

Ellie didn't sit still, as usual. She ran around and decided to show us her new skill...jumping. She grabbed her 5-6 in. stool and proceeded to continually launch herself to the narration of, "Look!! Ellie jumpin'!"

Anyway, after the books I rocked Ellie while rubbing Gabby's back, while singing them 4 songs. Then I placed Ellie in the crib, and Gabby in the bed. Gabby wanted to feel the fan, so I sprinkled some water on her legs. That was 7:05pm. By 7:25pm, they had stopped chatting, and have been silent since. Let's see how tomorrow morning goes. I'll keep y'all posted.

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