More Pictures - July 2nd to 6th

Sorry the blog updates are not regular or consistent, but we've got our hands full around here these days!!!

Babci and Papa came to visit this Fourth of July weekend. Rochelle and Bob also came to Austin (from Boston) to visit Marta and Sara and came up to our place to hang out on the 4th as well.

Enjoy some more pictures...click on the picture below to see the album!

7-2 to 7-6-09


Auntie Rae said...

Thank you for sharing all these pictures. It is so great that you find the time to keep us updated. One little note-- Ben is a true Cohen male-- note the picture when he is on Sarah's chest-- he gives the Vulcan Salute-- or more properly the Cohen Salute see http://www.upstel.net/rooster/v-salute.html

Julia said...

I love, love the pictures! Thanks for making time to post them - I don't know how you all balance it all, but your fans appreciate it.

XOXO Cohen Fam!