How do you get bitten by a snake?

Gabby's teacher distributed a piece of paper with the words, "I want to know..."

Gabby drew a few snakes, then on her own wrote this...


From Bitten by a snake

From Bitten by a snake

Awesome, I tell you. This was the day after her teacher tells us that she's the only one in her class that thinks to draw on the back of a piece of paper, before asking for more paper. It's the little things...

Oh, I've ogt one more recent Gabby story. Now, I wasn't there, but to have her tell it...it goes like this...

I asked, "How'd you get one of Lukey's birthday cupcakes, when you aren't even in his class?"

Gabby's answer: "Well, I heard from Miss Haley, Lukey's teacher, that he was having cupcakes, so I asked her if she could save me one. Then later I got the cupcake from her class, and went to Ellie's class to eat it. I sat next to Ellie and Kyla."

"Gabby, why'd you go to Ellie's class?"

"If I went back to my class, my firends would've wanted one."

"Didn't Ellie want one?"

Ellie says, "I ate a crumb!"

I think my girls run that school.

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Cynthia said...

thanks for sharing these little
stories as well as the pictures -
they help make the distance a
little less.