Well...I think we can finally say that both babies are now officially sitting. They spent a while sitting together and playing this afternoon. So cute!

In other milestones, Maggie became mobile last week while we were in Massachusetts. She can now roll across a room in less than 30 seconds! At this rate, I'm not sure she'll ever choose to crawl, because she's a master roller. Ben has started to swivel on his tummy and can do a 360, but for the time being we can still find him wherever we left him.


Anonymous said...

Just adorable! Auntie Rae really loved spending time with the Cohen Quartet in MA.

This is a great picture of the twins. They look like they are having a great time hanging out with each other.

Love Auntie Rae

Alicia said...

That is great that they are now sitting up. Yay babies! It was wonderful to see you while you were in town.