Lots of stuff to talk about!!!

Well, Gabby is still wonderful - only more so today, than yesterday.

Let's get to the point. I forgot to mention that a few days ago Gabby began crying/whining in a new way. She has found the ability from deep within to somehow work around her former obstacles. You see, in the past her cries would stop when she got a finger to suck. Stick a finger in - crying stops. That simple. Not so anymore. Now Gabby can cry while she sucks. It's amazing. She's outwitted us.

On another note, we gave Gabby her second bath at home tonight. I think I saw her first tear. It was only a slight smidgen of a tear, but a tear nonetheless. It was her right eye - and so sweet. This little girl has got my heart.

This morning I emptied the diaper pail...see these diapers!! Crazy.

We also had a little tummy time today. I laid her on her belly and watched her squirm. She started pushing with her feet, like crawling. So I gave her some resistance on each foot, and there she went...I think she pushed her herself all the way across the blanket on the floor - and in the process she dragged her face and arms as she went. WHOOPS!!!

Anyway. Here are today's pictures...

These photos are from yesterday!

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ZParents said...

Holy toledo, that girl has some long legs! You are right on about the runway model! (Photo 9 is just precious.) Or maybe she will run marathons with Erin....