We had a great weekend!

Special note: I've tried to increase the font size on the blog in response to a special request...I hope y'all appreciate it ;)

Well it's now "wind down" time. Sunday night - gotta love it! Gabby's eatin right now, and I'm chilling on the couch watchin "Super Size Me."

Friday night, Basia and I took our first night out since Gabby was born. Babci stayed at our place, and we went for dinner to Acapulco Restaurant on Center St. in JP. We had a real nice time, and didn't talk about Gabby for the first 30-45 minutes. We split a 1/2 carafe of sangria and enjoyed the mariachi band. Good date.

Then we got home and I slept...and slept...did I mention that I slept? Babci stayed the night and took over my duties, for the evening. Wicked awesome. Saturday, we had some visitors. Gabby met Keith and Jodi. They were fortunate to share in a little Gabby experience I'll call "butthole blowout!" Need I say more. I've got a picture, but it won't be posted online..sorry y'all. Keith also enjoyed Gabby's playmat - check him out!

Later on Saturday, Marta and Devin stopped by. Devin was a little apprehensive around our precious at first...but he came around - a little bit. Auntie Marta was also quite happy to change a few diapers. I was happy too.

This weekend Gabby had a full court press on her fingers! She's really beginning to not only find her fingers and hands, but profusely suck on them...drool too. She's cool.


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