Well it's been a week.

First off, let me confirm what y'all may have noticed. I don't have as much time or energy to post to this blog as I once had. Call it busy times at work, busier times at home, or less sleep on a much more consistent basis than I could have planned. Whatever the reason, accept it. Now let's move on. While the frequency of posting may have declined, I hope that the content will improve. I'll let you decide.

Today is Easter. B, G, and I are hanging with Gabby's extended family in Taunton for the holiday. I'm sure that pictures will follow. But until then, let me describe our little munchkin.

Today, I noticed that her chin has doubled. That is to say that she has a double-chin. And it nicely finishes off her round cheeks. Her whole face is rounding out for that matter.

B decided to girlify our sweet thing today. G's got a little pink barrette in place to accent her pink outfit. It's cute. But I'm a little wary of pushing Gabby into Girly girl world. I think we should treat her like a person, not a girl...and let her be herself. I know it's too early to worry about such things...but - whatever.

This morning, I had the pleasure of waking up for my darling at a little before 5 am. We chatted. I gave her a massage. Then I was able to express some gas, and some poop from her precious bum-hole. Ha. I changed her, played with her some more, and eventually rocked her to sleep in her sling. That was at 5:45. Sound early? It was. But I didn't mind, since I'd had some good sleep.

This whole week, I've been taking night shift while B gets a good rest. After I put G to sleep, I peep down in Gabby's room to be the one to calm her and relax her in the event that she wakes up during the night. Overall, it's a tough job, but I love it. I've become really good at understanding her sleep noises vs. wake-up fussing noises. Yay me.

So last night, we tried something different. B and I went down together with our trusty Sony (r) trademark BabyCall Monitor. There was a problem. Basia is not in tune with Gabby's sounds. So needless to say, Basia couldn't sleep. With every peep came the question, "Joe, is she ok?" To which I would respond, "Yes." Eventually, she just got up to sleep in G's room. I thought it would be good experience for B. It was, and I got rest.

Now, let's go back in time to Wednesday. Basia and I brought Gabby with us to Arc en Ciel, a daycare in JP, where we live. We met the director/founder and took a tour. They had an opening, and we liked the place. So...Friday morning, B and I went for a show-and-tell session at Basia's work. We visited all her co-workers, showed off our lil thing. It was great, and so was G. B also had a little chat with her boss. It went very well...long-story-short - Basia will be taking an extra couple of weeks off work, then returning on a part-time basis. The days she's at work will be daycare days. Thankfully, we created a solution that we think will work for us.

In other news, our friends Kendra and Matthew welcomed a new baby into the world. Gabby's new friend is William David. Congrats Kendra and Matthew!!! Welcome William David!!!

Saturday began with the realization that I don't know how to play with my girl. I see her every night when I get home from work, as I put her to bed - then I'm with her all night, while she's sleeping. And that's about it. I didn't really realize how out of touch I became until Basia went out Saturday morning to run some errands. I had Gabby, awake, and was perplexed. How do I play with her? When B returned, she let me watch her play with the Gabster. I caught on quick. Thanks Mommy!!

Saturday afternoon, Gabby met her "sort-of" cousins. Saba's girlfriend, Nancy's daughter, Tammy, her husband Doug, and their daughter Carissa welcomed a new addition six months ago, Abby. Gabby and Abby got along splendidly - pictures will be posted soon.

That's it for now...I think. Here are the last week's worth of pictures:
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