Getting pumped

Well, the good news is that G has been sleeping very well the past 6 nights or so. The bad news is that Saturday is three days away. Now, when I say "bad news" I am speaking from the perspective of the other passengers...because we're going on a TRIP!!! Gabby is so excited. The 3 of us are heading to Austin from April 2 thru April 10. It's the southwest leg of G's first US tour. She's been training hard, and she's sure that this tour will please all who witness.

Today, as I walked home from the T, I started to think about Gabby. And the first thought that came to my head was an image of G crying. I mean really crying - with her eyes clenched and her nose scrunched and her mouth continuously open into an oval...and she's belting it out. I thought of this...and I laughed. I laughed out loud from the sheer joy that thinking of her brought me. Corny? Nah.

In other news, this weekend G was introduced to her naked arm. Normally she's got long sleeves on. Well, let me tell y'all, she and her arm got acquainted quickly...then started going for it. That's right. She's now the proud giver and receiver of her first hickey. ewwww.

Lastly, Gabby got her second round of shots on Tuesday morning. 4 shots. She was crying before the needles even stuck her...so the effect was less dramatic than her first round. The first time, B said that she went from happy to "what the bleep are you bleeping doing to me!" crying. B cried too. Hence, I was recruited for this and all future shots.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Joe. I will be surprised if I hear you don't shed a tear for the next round of shots. I think I cried more than my daughter whenever she had shots !!