Welcome to Austin, G.Rose!!

We made it. G was wonderful on the trip. She slept and ate and slept through the first flight, then slept through some of the layover...and finally made it to Austin with out any major issues. What a good little lady!

Then we headed over to Martin's house. Y'all might know him as Tiny D. I would say that he welcomed us with open arms, in fact I'm not sure he even noticed that we are here. His guardians welcomed G and the family, though.

It turns out that Tiny D is even cuter in real life. In fact, G was surprised to learn that D was larger than she. In weight and head! Go figure. G's just a dainty lil thing, I suppose.

So far we've had a number of firsts in G's development while here in Austin.
1- G's First Barrette installed by her Dad. I've succumbed to her cuteness. There's no stopping it.
2- G's First stroll in the Baby Bjorn while Facing Forward. For a while now I've tried to let G get accustomed to the bjorn according to "their rules." Bjorn-makers say that the baby can be rotated at 3 months...until then the baby must face daddy's hairy chest. G didn't agree. See had nothing to see when facing me. So we had a little chat. I said, "G - what's wrong?" To which she replied, "guurhshu." "Ah-ha," I said, "You want to face forward, in order to see the beautiful blue bonnets!" She drooled. So we tried it out. She's loved it ever since.
3- G met Wee Z and Tiny D in Person. Yep that's right. Until now she's only been exchanging blog postings and the occasional audioblog. They all hung out yesterday, and had a blast. They slept, had lunch, then fussed a bit. Much fun!
4- G also met Josh and Shira. These little tikes are being raised by some of G's parents friends. G wasn't rally in a playful mood, but Josh and Shira were. Good times!
5- G's First Visit to HEB Grocery Stores. G asked me - "Hey Dad, why are do Texans get Texas shaped tortilla chips, and Massachusetts folks don't?"
6- Gabby's First Skirt. Jodi gave Gabby her first skirt a few weeks ago...and yesterday she used it! She was soo cute. and yes - Girly! You'll see the pictures soon enough.

Pictures are here...

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Anonymous said...

I just saw your showgirl. She's soooo cute. But, you must attach her hair ornaments with more thought, like having her hair stand up on top. Enjoy! Love ya, Rita