We're back!

This is a message from Gabby's Mommy...

We returned from Poland on Sunday (more info and pics to follow), but before Gabby's Daddy had a chance to post pictures and update the blog, I dropped our laptop on the floor, permanently busting the port that allows us to go online. Daddy currently has the laptop in pieces on the dining room table, and wants to reassemble it before doing anything else computer-related. I'm crossing my fingers that that happens tonight, and then we can get you all a much-deserved update!

Our biggest Gabby news, though, to give you a tid-bit, is that on Wednesday, Gabby pulled herself to standing all on her own for the very first time! More details to follow soon ... I promise!


ZParents said...

Stand tall and proud, Gabby!

grep said...

get up, stand up!

don't give up the fight!