The Paparazzi Strikes!!

In an open letter to Lil Miss G, the associated paparazzi wrote:

You can't escape from the camera, little girl. We're everywhere you are. You've done your best to out-wit and out-smart your parents but alas we have succeeded where they have failed. As you will see below, your most elusive feature have been captured for posterity:

Say AHHHH!!! Ha-ha!! I snapped the top teeth!!!

There they are, two bottom teeth...the better to grind with!!

You've seen hat head... Now here's the bed-head!

That is all for now. But remember, just when you thought you were alone...our cameras are there!

1 comment:

The Hobbs said...

Look at those toofers! Nice work Gabby! We were sorry to only be in Boston for 30 hours this trip - quite a whirlwind... The fams are coming down to NC for Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will be able to plan our next trip to Beantown for after the Stowaway's arrival. We think she'll like it there! :)