Austin (Part 1 of 2)

From December 10th – 19th we vacationed in Mommy and Daddy’s old stompin’ grounds in Austin, Texas! We were scheduled to fly down on the 9th, but Mother Nature had other plans, as she blanketed Boston in 6 inches of snow in one stormy hour that afternoon. Our flight was cancelled, so we headed out the next morning instead.

In Austin, "Tiny D." (a.k.a. Martin - Tiny D's Blog) was gracious enough to offer Gabby his pack-n-play, and we all crashed in his parents’ spare room for the week. Gabby loved playing with all the new toys at Martin’s house and was occasionally amused by Martin himself. We were all impressed with Martin’s amazing appetite and excellent eating skills, as Gabby merely grazed on the occasional Cheerio and a bite of cereal here and there.

Back in Austin, we all got to meet "Cool Hand Luke" (Luke's Blog) for the first time! He’s such a big boy already, and such a cutie! Gabby’s looking forward to her next visit to Austin, when he’ll be able to play with her a bit more.

On Sunday we went to Nutty Brown Cafe where people travelled from as far and wide and North and South Austin and even from way out in Commerce, TX, to say "Howdy" to little G on her Texas Tour #2.

Auntie Padma came in from Commerce, just to see G!

Gabby checks out Wee Z...

... but then puts the moves on Luke, instead!

Gabby, (Cool Hand) Luke, Martin (a.k.a. Tiny D) and Zach (a.k.a. Wee Z) all pose for a pic!

While in Texas, we made a trip to Dallas and Gabby was able to meet her friends Cleo and Barrett, and also saw her friend Elise again. Gabby loved following 2 ½ year old Cleo around…she apparently, can’t wait to be a big girl like Cleo. While in Dallas, Gabby tried out Cleo’s slide in the backyard, and after a few slides in Daddy’s arms, Gabby was leaning forward to slide down all on her own! In the same afternoon, Gabby also climbed her first stairs, up to the deck at Cleo and Barrett’s house.

Gabby loved the slide!

It was so nice to play outside in Dallas, given that we left a snowy mess in Boston!

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