Happy Thanksgiving (albeit a bit late)!

We all spent Thanksgiving weekend at Babci and Papa’s house. Auntie Sara and Uncle Shaun surprised us by flying up from Austin and Gabby enjoyed spending some quality time with them, as well as with Auntie Marta, Devin, and Uncle Jay, (who had just returned from his European sailing adventure). Gabby’s Bobie joined us for Thanksgiving dinner, and Gabby sampled some Thanksgiving delicacies but wasn’t terribly excited by the food. Her two grandmothers unanimously decided (against Mommy and Daddy’s better judgment) that Gabby’s first Thanksgiving would not be complete without her being allowed to chomp on a turkey bone. She seemed to enjoy it!

Gabby’s favorite part of Thankgiving weekend was visiting with Thursday, the cat. Gabby loved chasing after her, and she really perfected her super-fast crawling skills while in pursuit of her. We thought she might have even said her first word, “kitty,” but since it hasn’t been repeated much, we’re now doubtful, and are waiting for her next official “first word.” We’ll keep you posted.

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Alex's house to hang out with Alex and William (and their parents, of course).

Left to right: Alex, Gabby, and William.

That weekend we also had a family get-together at Babci and Papa's house to kick off the Christmas season.

Over Thanksgiving, Gabby loved having lots of room to crawl around, so once we returned home after Thanksgiving, Mommy and Daddy did another round of babyproofing, to give her free (and safe) roaming rights to most of the house. Since doing that, Gabby’s been working on perfecting her cruising abilities, and at one point, in the absence of a push-toy, Gabby walked across the house while pushing a laundry basket!

Come back to our blog soon to see more posts from our trip to Austin, Christmas, and Hanukkah!!! They're coming soon...we promise!

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