Christmas and Hanukah...Gabby Style

On Friday afternoon, Auntie Rae and Bobie came over to visit with their favorite niece and granddaughter. On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Babci and Papa's house where we had Christmas Eve dinner with Cioci Krys and Uncle Ray and their kids and grandkids.

Cioci Krys and Uncle Ray brought Gabby her first push-toy. It's the Fisher Price "Gobble and Go Hippo" and she LOVES it! She spent the weekend pushing it everywhere, and kept us all busy turning it around each time she hit up against a dead-end.

Gabby enjoyed her first Christmas this weekend with her Babci, Papa, Auntie Marta and Devin. Gabby loved opening all the gifts and had lots of fun with all the wrapping paper and tissue paper, although she really missed her Auntie and Uncles in Texas. On the evening of the 25th, Bobie and Auntie Rae came over to visit as well and Gabby enjoyed showing off her push-and-walk skills!

In other updates, Gabby has been babbling lots. She loves saying: dada, mama, diddit (which sounds a lot like "did it"), dith (sounds a bit like "this"), and dee. Sometimes it seems like she knows who dada and mama are, but more often, she's not quite that distinguishing, and anyone from Babci to the grocery check-out clerk could be called "dada."

Additionally, our little girl has begun to point. Now I wouldn't say that it's a well defined point...seeing that the vector esablished by her shoulder, elbow and wrist is in no way aligned with the vector of her finger...nevertheless, G points with an accompanying "Dith?" What else could you need?

Aside from babbling, Gabby finally seems to be learning the merits of sharing. When playing with her toys, she takes pleasure in handing them to us, as we say thank you. Also, while indulging in some Cheerios the other day, she stopped to feed some to her Daddy, in between her own bites. (So cute...especially when she took out a partially eaten Cheerio from her mouth, and put it right into Daddy's mouth)!

So...that's what we've all been up to this past month! We hope all our readers are enjoying their holidays and we wish you all a very Happy New Year!!!

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