These booties are made for walking...

After some serious cruising that lead to a galloping cruise...our little girl has begun to walk. It's an excited gallop of a walk. She takes a bunch of steps, then lurches forward. It's really adorable. But more importantly, since she's become a champion mover and groover...our baby proofing has been forced to new heights. Literally. She's begun to move to her tip-tip-tippity toes in order to reach things that she's not supposed to reach. Oh and did I mention that she loves to fiddle with the trash can. I won't even tell you about her attraction to the bathroom. Geez.

Anyway, she's doing great. A real trooper. She's recovering from two ear infections and bronchilitis...but the only time she's been upset is when we try to treat her. I've talked to other parents, and they tell me that all kids like the "pink medicine." Guess what? Gabby is as stubborn with this stuff as with all her eating...oh I'll tell all y'all about my new eating trick in a minute. First let's finish the medicine anecdote... We first tried to simply inject the stuff into her mouth...as most people would. That lead to piles of pink laundry. Next we took the advie of several websites. Place a finger in her mouth and shoot the medicine onto the inside of her cheek. The finger is supposed to prevent her from spitting out the medicine, and she'll eventually swallow it. Well she's learned to gargle. She gargles so hard that the medicine spews from her tiny mouth... Now, I follow small amounts of the pink stuff with water as a chaser..it seems to be working... But it's not easy.

Eating. As most of y'all know, she's not a great eater. Well I accidentally found a new method to distract her enough to get food in her mouth. Now, I must say that I'm not too proud of taking advantage of her genorosity, but a father's gotta do what a father's gotta do! She's become a huge fan of giving things to me. So as a little game, I gave her a cheerio, whle B was feeding her. Gabby immediatelly picked it up and instead of putting it in her own mouth, she reached for mine. I of course obliged with a large open mouth. Basia snuck in food while we performed our antics. Then B tried again, and Gabby refused the food. I gave her another Cheerio, and in my mouth it went, as G got a spoonful of her food. She appeared to be oblivious to the food. AMAZING!!! Now I'm doing it by myself... She feeds me, and I feed her. A match made in heaven!

Oh, I almost forgot...I gave her her special hanukah gift from me...see the video.

Yeah it's cheerios.


The Hobbs said...

Look at her go! We're clapping for you too Gabby :)
Kelly & Shawn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gabby! We're so proud of you!

- Louis