The Fashion Police

This is Gabby's mom. I just wanted to pipe in with a quick note to mention that the picture on the last post of Gabby w/mis-matched barrettes, bearing belly under a too small sweater vest was taken while I was a time-zone away, unable to assist with fashion decisions for my little munchkin. Gabby's Daddy appears to get a kick out of the "Punky Brewster" look, and, alas, I was not here to object. Just wanted to put that on the record. I'll try to post a mommy-approved picture later today. ;)


ZParents said...

That's funny -- I thought perhaps Gabby had started making her own decisions about what she will wear. Soon enough, the outfits will be punky beyond even our wildest dreams. (Have you too seen the girls in tutus and boys in spiderman costumes at the park?)

Auntie Rae said...

I have to side with dad on that one. I, for one, loved her in that picture. She looked so funky and edgy. I love those Andean sweaters. For fun, I flashbacked to September 2005-- where she is standing in a blue, white and red checked outfit, holding fingers and marveled at how much she's grown in so short a time. She's awesome.

While I'm piping up, I love the video with her walking around. I especially enjoyed her reaction after showing the gate who's boss.

Erin & Arthur said...

I know the feeling. Whenever Arthur's in charge of Martin our son ends up nearly naked. Arthur's convinced the boy runs hot and strips him down every chance he gets. He's also famous for unsnapping the "ball crushers", Arthur's name for onesies. Be glad Yogi kept Gabby warm and toasty!