On the Tip

Regarding the last posting, I must defend my myself. That morning, I asked Gabby what we should do. I said, "Gabby, what should we do?" Let me tell you, she had ideas! Most of which are not apporiate for sharing with our general readership, but her third priority was to play country bumpkin. So she picked out her vest, and explicitly requested that we use two non-matching barrettes. So there you have it. Just to show y'all that our little one does have a more casual look, she asked me to publish these photos. Enjoy!

I love my dada!

Striking a pose - sort of.


Auntie Rae said...

This is the first time I've seen G with ponytails. How cute! Mom's definitely responsible for that move.

ZParents said...

Those ponytails are to die for!