Austin 2006!

Gabby just took her third trip to Austin! Gabby's Auntie Sara and Uncle Shaun had just moved into their new house, so we got to be their first houseguests! Gabby got her own room, painted a lovely burnt orange, and we all had such a great time!

On Thursday we visited with Erin and Martin, on Friday we visited with Laura and Elise, and on Friday night Gabby also got to hang out with her boyfriends Luke and Zach. After the kiddos went to bed in their multiple Pack-N-Plays, the Mommies and Daddies got to have some grown-up fun, too. On Saturday we spend the day with Auntie Sara, Uncle Shaun, and Uncle Jay and Gabby modeled her new dress from Uncle Jay, which she's evidently supposed to wear hunting in Texas, (but not when Dick Cheney's around).

On Sunday we visited with Chet, Maria, and Carolyn, and we all went to see Uncle Jay working at Rudy's while we enjoyed our super-yummy breakfast tacos. On Sunday night, Joe and I went to a wonderful wedding (Yay Lori & Jimmy), while Sara and Shaun had babysitting duty.

Monday was our farewell day, and Gabby was a trooper on the flight home, and even slept most of the flight, despite the screaming 5 month old in the row in front of us.

Check out a few of our Austin pics at this link.

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