A molar and a butterfly

We have four little anecdotes for y'all:

1. Well...for months and months, Gabby has only had a mere 6 teeth (4 on the bottom and 2 on top). Today, while she was having a bath, she was reclined and giggling, and I saw a white dot, far back in her mouth. Upon further investigation, it looks like she's cut her first pre-molar (top right). Who knew??? Joe tried to feel for the molar...but found nothing. That doesn't mean it's not there though. Go Gabby!

2. Gabby's signing has been taking off even more lately. In the past couple weeks, she's started doing signs for "moon," "mouse," "fish," and "butterfly" and she now uses "more" to signify more of an activity she enjoys (i.e. more tickling, more books to read, etc.) instead of just more food or milk. On Sunday afternoon something amazing happened. Joe, Gabby, and I were in the car. We were stopped at a light and she started doing her baby sign for flowers (a sniff with her nose), which she's been doing for months. As always with these random signs, we eventually find what she sees or hears, and she teaches us that we are certainly not observant enough. This time, we looked out the window and saw the flowers she was looking at and acknowledged her sign. Then it happened. All of the sudden, she started wiggling her hands in the air. It was her sign for butterfly. Joe looked out the window, and there was a little butterfly outside with the flowers. Without us prompting her in any way, she recognized that the real butterfly was the same as the butterflies she's seen in her books and started frantically doing her sign for butterly! SO COOL!!! How amazing is that?

3. On Saturday we went to the double Bat Mitzvah for Gabby's second cousins Shira and Nikki. The young women did a wonderful job and we had a great time celebrating with them! At the ceremony at the temple, Joe and I took turns taking Gabby to the back of the santuary or out into the lobby whenever she got restless (which was pretty often). At one point, I was sitting watching the ceremony while Joe was out back. All of a sudden, I heard "Bah Bah Bah" and saw the top of Gabby's head running down the center aisle towards the Bima. Joe then ran after her, swept her up, and ran back out. Evidently, he'd turned one second to get some books for Gabby's cousin Kayla, and Gabby took that opportunity to make her getaway. A couple giggles from the congregation, and everything was back in order. Our little bundle of energy really keeps us on our toes!!!

4. Later Saturday afternoon, we were hanging out on Babci and Papa's deck enjoying the afternoon. Bobie, Rae, Yaneev, Dada, Marta, Megan, and Momma were sitting in a semi-circle admiring G. Someone had a fantastic idea... Let's do a wave! Starting in left field, Bobie began...on to Rae, Yaneev, etc. Gabby was amused, to say the least. She suddenly became the leader. She would face a few of us and throw her arms up...we would reciprocate. Then she'd turn to the rest of us, and repeat...back and forth. It was pretty impressive.

And lastly, since Joe does not approve of Ofoto, and wanted to add additional pictures...here's a new link!

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