Happy Memorial Day!!

May brought many exciting activites for our little gabster. The month began with a very welcome visit from G's Auntie Rae and her beau, Yaneev. It was clear that Rae was quite impressed with how far Gabby has come since her first birthday, and Yaneev was definitely smitten with our little girl. Aw shucks!

Thanks for the ride, Auntie Rae and Yaneev!!!

Gabby had the pleasure of sharing her cousin Kayla's celebration of turning 1-year old. She had a great time, and even tried to exchange kisses on the way out!

Kiss me and I'll kiss you back!

Last weekend, B spent a nice weekend with her friends in San Antonio, while Gabby had a spendid weekend with her Dada in charge. (As if he isn't in charge when Mama's around!) Among many activities, the two of us went for a nice long stroll around the Jamaica Pond and had a visit to the supermarket.

The joys of strolling the Jamaica Pond! Thanks for the apple Dada!

On the Friday of our weekend alone, I experienced an awesome thing while picking up Gabby at daycare. She was in a great mood, then I told her, "Gabby, it's time to go home." She replied, "Go!" That's my girl. She's been excited about "go" for some time now. But then she waved to each toddler, and each teach and said, "Bye-Bye." I was speechless. Literally. It was amazing. Of course, it's been a little over a week now, and she's an old hat at "Bye-bye." She says "bye-bye" to people, fruit, and garbage. She's so unjudgemental.

Later, we travelled to Taunton for a celebration in honor of Auntie Marta's College Graduation! Yay, Auntie Marta. Gabby was put to work cleaning the deck in preparation of the party! So obedient.

Fiesta! Congratulations, Auntie Marta!

A little girl's work is never done!

James often spends time with our little Gabby. On a recent occasion, the kids spent time cruisin' the playground. They see-sawed. They swang. Nice.

James and Gabby sittin' in a tree... Nah!

Memorial Day, Gabby made her first visit to our local zoo. Gabby saw peacocks, prairie dogs, pigeons, squirrels...and that's not all! There were zebras, a lion, kangaroos, ostriches, emus, tapirs, fish, a hippo, sheep, goats, a cow, ponies, and goats... My favorite was the family of gorillas. There was a father, mother, and a baby just two months older than G. So cute. I'm sure I forgot something, but hey...we'll be back!

Show me the gorillas again!!! Again!!!

Look very closely. There's a gorilla in the picture. It's not Gabby.

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Erin & Arthur said...

Phew, Gabby has been a busy beaver! Did you see any of them at the zoo?

Svoboda Family said...

I see a gorilla in the picture and one silly monkey! What a cutie.