Thank you Auntie Martha!

Due to chilly and rainy Boston spring weather this week, Gabby got to wear her special green sweater again today. She got so many compliments on it, that I wanted to show you all how cute it is.

There's a story that goes along with this sweater, too. Before Gabby was even born, Gabby's Papa's cousin Martha K. in Argentina (did you follow that?) knit a sweater for the baby. She mailed it to us, via Babci and Papa, but sadly, it must have been lost in the mail, as we never received it. A while later, longtime friends of the family travelled to Argentina and spent some time touring with Martha...she sent this sweater up with them, to ensure that we actually got it. She told them that if we had a boy, they should cut off the flowers. Well we're glad we had a girl, because that sweater was made for Gabby!!! Posted by Picasa

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The Hobbs said...

Just when we think G can't possibly get any cuter, you post another picture! She is getting to be such a "big kid"... and so adorable!