Gabby's Fourth of July Weekend

Boston finally had a little nice weather this weekend and we tried to take full advantage of it. We spent Saturday and Monday with James and his parents hanging out by the pool, spent part of Sunday in the parks of Boston, trying to stay cool with Julia, and on the 4th, we took Gabby for a little visit to the Boston Common.

James has two kiddie water play stations...

...and Gabby loved playing with James in them.

Sporting her new swimsuit.

Staying cool splashing in the water.

Playing on the swings.

We made a quick stop at Macy's
(to use the elevator to get up from the T).

Posing with one of the Cows on Parade on the Common.


The Hobbs said...

Clearly, all that time at the mall is paying off - what a great little shopper G is! :) Did she get the socks??

Gabby's Mom said...

Wasn't that hysterical? I don't even know where she learned that...I hate shopping! ;)