Two little stories

Joe says we don't include enough fun Gabby stories, so I'm going to give you two little anecdotes from our day together today.

This morning, after lunch, I was cleaning up and Gabby was playing quietly in her room. She came out of her room and in a very dramatic tone of voice shouted, "Oh No!" When I looked at her, she yelled it again, "Oh No!" and pointed to her room. I followed her into the room where I found that she had shredded a few pages of one of the new non-board books we've just introduced this week (and accidentally left it out where Gabby could "read" it unsupervised). Oh no, indeed!!!

This afternoon, I took Gabby to the supermarket. One of her favorite supermarket activities is reaching behind from the babyseat and grabbing things out of the cart. The first time I turned my back to her for a moment I turned back to find her chomping on a lime, with a disgusted look on her face. The next time I turned around (literally for no more than a few seconds), I turned back to a happy Gabby with a full mouth and a gleam in her eye. She had reached behind her, grabbed the pint of blueberries and stuffed her mouth full. When I took them away, she pleaded "Moh, moh" for more. The irony here is that I've been trying to get her to eat blueberries repeatedly for weeks, and everytime I've given them to her before, she's bitten into them and spit them about. I guess it was the thrill of the chase that did it for her today. Nice one, Gabby.

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