Gabby rules the house

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to talk to all y'all personally, but let me tell you a few things Gabby's taught me about our new house.

1 - A toddler can get lost in there. It's freaking huge!
Shortly after moving in, we learned that in a large home, Gabby will go everywhere she can. We quickly lost track of our little munchkin, and actions needed to be taken. "Marco!" "Polo!" She learned quick, and now we can find her, if she lets us...

2 - Gabby can open and close doors with handles.
Within minutes of entering the house with Gabby for the first time, she went to a door, pulled the handle down, entered the room, and closed the door behind her. Yikes! She's got control over unlocked doors. That means Gabby-proofing every room in the house, pretty much. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!! Twice in the first few days, Gabby went to an undeadbolted front door, opened it, and walked right out. That's a problem. Don't worry, I've since installed some nifty auto locking handle thingees.

3 - When given the opportunity to run laps, Gabby will.
From the kitchen to the dining room to the entryway to the living room to the kitchen, etc.
From Gabby's room to the bathroom to the baby's room to the game room to Gabby's room, etc.
Round and round the couch and ottoman.

4 - Gabby wants to go potty, sometimes.
About a month or two ago, Gabby started asking to go to the bathroom to pee or poop. Now, we thought it was cute and all, but didn't really take her seriously. One day, I dropped her pants and her diaper, and placed her on the toilet. I looked away and sure enough, she fruitlessly went for it. Well she's come a long way since then. (one day she's kill me for writing about all this...if she finds it...Gabby, remember that Daddy loves you :)) She now has two potty adapters and sits on the toilet solo. When she wants to go, she asks us to bring her, and then instructs us to leave her in there alone. We wait outside until she declares, "All done." She can't get onto or off of the seat herself, nor can she drop or lift her pants. It time...

5 - With full access to a carpeted staircase, Gabby will ascend and descend the stairs at will...
We've installed a gate at the top of the stairs, but it hardly seems necessary.

6 - Gabby prefers to eat at the table to using her tray.
We've been pushing her booster seat to the table and having her eat with us on the table, sans tray. She seems to dig it.

That's all I've got for now...it's late. Night night.

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