No Way Daddy!

This will hopefully begin to catch y'all up on Gabby's exploits over the last month. Her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. I've noticed that our little one will pick up words and phrases when you least expect it...

For instance, B apparently says, "No way!," when she really means "No." I've never noticed it, but lo' and behold, Gabby has. A few weeks ago, Gabby has been exercising her will with me by declaring (in the cutest little voice), "No way, Daddy!" It's really so adorable. Let me give you a scenario...Gabby has a dirty diaper. I ask her, "Gabby, do you have a clean diaper or a dirty one?" To which she responds, "Dirty diaper." So I naturally say, "Okay honey, let's go change your diaper." With sudden concern, Gabby shakes her head and says, "No. No," and continues doing whatever she was doing. I say, "Come on Gabby, let's get you a clean diaper. Your dirty diaper is yucky." That's when I'm pushed too far. "No way, Daddy!" And she runs away. Precious, no. (FYI - I chase her down and scoop her up. My little G shouldn't be running around with a dirty diaper.

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