Ramblings About G

I wanted to pipe in a few thoughts I've been having lately about my lil G before the moment escapes...

A few weeks back, we were playing around after her bath. She was stomping around the room in her green and white pajamas, while B and I laughed at her antics. I couldn't help but think...one day she's not going to do this. She is so fun and funny right now. One day, she'll be super serious, or too old to just play. One day she won't be a little girl anymore. And when that day comes...I'll need to remember moments like this.

I've been having those thoughts a lot lately. I'm not sure if it's because she's better everyday, and I wonder how great can she get. Or maybe somewhere in my head, I'm a little afraid of how our relationship will change when the next cohen kid comes along. Whatever it is, I need to cherish every moment.

Speaking of moments...

Gabby loves to go to the supermarket. HEB in particular. When we pull onto the road near the place, she shouts from the backseat, "Super Market!" It's pretty crazy. Then she begins her planning... "Man, please buddy buck." "Lady, please buddy buck." Over and over... You need to understand that HEB gives a "Buddy Buck" to every child that wants one at the checkout line. Then you use the "Buddy Buck" in a crane game to get a sticker with points on it...that you collect for prizes. Anyway - Gabby loves this. After all that practice, she gets to the checkout line and the checkout person says hello. Gabby responds, "I Gabby." Then she goes shy. I mean, she literally tilts her head, tucks it into her chest and looks away. I say, "Gabby, is there something you wanted to ask for?" Nothing. Then, I ask for the "Buddy Buck." As soon as I get it, I lift her from the cart, and she goes crazy. From afar, you'd swear she was salivating. Her legs shake, her face lights up, and she screams, "Buddy Buck!" I place her on the floor, and frantically follow her as she runs to the machine. Usually she requires some help to get the machine to accept the "Buddy Buck," but she knows where to put it and how to orient the bill. With the bill absorbed into the machine, she focuses her concentration on moving the joystick (above her head, mind you) and then pressing the red button, to activate the "Claw." Once the machine delivers the promised prize, she takes off towards the register to ask for another "Buddy Buck." It's awesome.

Last weekend, we were ate the playground, again. On a side note, I am so happy that we moved here. It's mid-november and I'm able to take G outside to play. This is awesome. Not to mention that on colder days there is plenty of space in the house for us to play and run around! Back to my story... so we were at the playground and I overheard someone say that 13 months was a great age. It's before they start negotiating and saying no. I took exception, as anyone who knows me would expect. Now, I know they meant nothing by it - on a conscious level - but I think that one needs to cherish every age and every phase for all the nuances that they bring. If a certain age is better than the current - does that mean that you consciously enjoy your child less because he/she is not the aforementioned age? I know it's probably to philosophical for this blog, but I put it out there.

Gabby likes superman. I don't know why she has this affinity but she does. I pointed out a superman balloon at HEB a month ago, among all the other balloons I showed her, and that was it. Afterwards, we'd walk by a superman popcorn tin at blockbuster (among all the others) ad she'd tell me, "Superman!" Or she sees him on the toys in Target, "Superman!" She got a boo-boo on her palm recently, and got her choice of countless kids band-aids at HEB...guess what. Her palm is now adorned with a superman bandage... dig it.

Last bit... A few weeks ago I needed to work from home in the afternoon. Just me a Gabby. I had a deliverable and a deadline, and a dying laptop battery... Bad scenario. Gabby was less than thrilled. She grabbed my glasses and broke the arms, by accident. I've got new glasses now. I consider myself warned.

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The Good Rabbi said...

Don't worry so much about how your relationship will change once the new kid comes along. While things with G will definitely be different, you'll also have a new child that will be exploring and learning every day.

G's personality will also change when she becomes somewhat of a teacher, but this is what being a parent is all about. The single biggest thing you can do for your kids is raise them in a way that they never loose their inner child. R always gets on my case because of how I react to small things, such as getting ice cream.

Remember when you thought that McDonald's was a four star restaurant, or that m&m's were better than money because you could eat 'em? Take time out every now and then, and make sure that the kids don't lose that spark. Then they'll make sure they do it with their kids, and so on and so forth all the way down the line.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks and playing with the little one myself...