Happy Halloween!!!

I've got some more pictures for y'all. The first few are from last weekend. We spent the day at Aunt Sally and Uncle Shaun's carving some nifty pumpkins...do you like them?

We also learned that Gabby not only still fits in her pumpkin suit for last year (sized for 6-9 months), but she loves it. She repeatedly says, "Pumpkin Suit!" Tonight we took her out for a trick or treating adventure around the neighborhood. Highlights included a very scared Gabby declaring her standard, "No boy!" coupled with a new one... "No Fooky! Translated, "No spooky!" She refers to skeletons as spooky, because one day we saw a skeleton and told Gabby that it was spooky. So she said, "Hi spooky." And that was that. Another highlight: Gabby was a little bashful for the first few homes, but eventually started running from house to house, and approaching the doors on her own. She even knocked on the doors of a few homes.

Anyway...here are the pictures...click on the picture to access the album!

Note: No candy was consumed in the making of these pictures...

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Svoboda Family said...

No candy consumed?? Booo. What, a sugar spazzed out kid isn't your idea of a fun Halloween night? Lame-o. ;)

What a precious pumpkin- I can't believe it still fits!