Birthday Activities

As y'all know by now, today is Gabby's Birthday!! We spent the early morning watching various websites singing the happy birthday song, while chomping on some matzah. Then it was off to school. She brought some blueberry muffins for a snacktime party, and came away with a little Dora doll from her teacher. She went home with B after lunch, and spent the afternoon with her mom picking out a birthday cake and playing. I came home from work a little early, and we had a good dinner, then cake, and a couple of presents.

Those are the facts... Now for the funniest moment for me. I occasionally, call people and have Gabby chat with them while we're having a meal, and today was no different. Gabby requested people, and I dialed. Well, one call was really special tonight. We called uncle Yaneev. He wished her a happy birthday to which Gabby replied, "I'm busy eating a tomato." I think I was crying, I was laughing so hard. This was an original fully formed sentance, without prompting of any kind. On her secoond birthday, she fully expressed her thoughts and feelings in a fully formed sentence. Awesome.

And now, as promised, here are some pictures, and a video to boot...

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