Gabby keeps amazing me

For those of y'all that didn't know, B is out of town this weekend. As I did when she went out of town about a year ago, I decided this would be a fine time to change things up... Last time, I ended the bottle. This time, it's the pacifier.

So far so good. I've reasoned with her that it's because she's a big girl, sleeping in a big girl bed, and going potty like a big girl, that she can also do without the pcifier. She'd only been using it to fall asleep, but it was time to let it go, especially with a new baby coming.

But that's not what I'm writing about. I needed to unload the trunk this morning from yesterday's Costco excursion, and Gabby decided to lend a hand. I gave her one small boxy item to carry, but she wanted to do more. She walked over to the trunk and grabbed a plastic bag full of odds and ends. then retruned to her boxy thing, and tried to carry both. No can do. So she put the bag down and opened it. Next she repeatedly tried to place the boxy thing into the bag. It wasn't easy. After a few tries she gave up. But she had another idea. She looped the bag on her arm like a purse, and then bent over to carry the boxy thing with both hands! Viola! I just stood there silently and witnessed the entire affair. She rocks.

Later, y'all...

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