Her Beauty Grows

With each passing day, it seems that our little Ellie Jane has become a bigger part of this family. She's really developing a look all her own. She's got a dimple on her left cheek when she "smiles" with gas. Her smile also reveals that that her upper lip is thinner than her lower. She's got beautiful ears, and her hair is wacky.

I do need to amend an earlier post. I have lately become even more engaged with my new princess, as she has become more engaged with us. What does this mean, you wonder? Let me explain. In her first few weeks, E was an especially easy baby. These days, she needs some coddling. I am not complaining, mind you. simply, with the higher demand, comes increased bonding. This may be an innate survival reflex. Regardless, I love her more everyday.

Now, some funnies.

Anytime that I happen to be carrying both my girls, Gabby declares, "Two Girls!! One. Two." Awesome.

There is a house on the way to G's school that consistently places large inflatable statues in their yard to celebrate holidays. well, for St. Patrick's Day, they placed a large Leprechaun in the yard. Gabby loves to point these figures out, as they come and go. Suddenly, G started asking me, B and a visiting Babci, "what does a leopard say?" We'd all respond with a roar or growl of some sort... until one day, G saw the Leprechaun and roared... I got it. she's been asking about the leprechaun. Whoops. I've since told her he says, "Hee, hee, hee, hee."

Last one, I promise...

Gabby's been saying, "see you later, crocodile!" HA!

Ok, one more.

A few weeks ago, we were giving Ellie a bath, and realized we had too much water in her tub. Gabby heard this, raced across the house and returned with a large plastic cup from her tub, with which we could remove some water. "Here you go." G rocks! (have I already shared that story?)

Lates, kids.

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