It turns out I treat her differently...

Her'e something I noticed today. I treat Ellie differently. It may have something to do with how much more experienced I am now than I was two+ years ago...or it may be a conscious shift. It's probably a combination.

Conventional wisdom says that you cannot spoil a child in the first month. I find myself letting Ellie stir for longer than I remeber allowing Gabby to stir, before consolation. Maybe it's because Ellie does not possess as loud a cry. Maybe it's that I'm not as anxious. Regardless. If we somehow helped G become extremely interactive and needy in her early months, I'm sure we are not encouraging Ellie to do the same.

I also consciously give Ellie much more tummy time than Gabby got. I think we were pushovers for little G. Anytime she got tummy time, she'd wail, and that would be it. Ellie on the other hand gets tummy time from me, even if she fusses (she doesn't wail).

We certainly are not as uptight about Ellie's feeding. She's latching well, putting on weight and pooping like it's for money. Gotta love it.

Today, I noticed that Gabby has a blond streak in her hair. The Texas sun is getting to her. She's pretty cool.

Lastly, I don't spend a whole lot of time with Ellie these days, since most of my home time is consumed by G and sleep, but the time I do spend with Ellie is real nice. I think her hair is curling a little. We'll see.


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Louis said...

Ellie looks like a doll in that picture- serene, content and angelic. Such a precious little face. I want to stick my finger in her butt chin... sorry, I can't help it! It's just so cute!

Basia said...

Just for the record...for anyone unaware (like I was, until a minute ago)...a "butt chin" is what we prefer to call a "chin dimple." Gabby and Ellie get their matching chin dimples from their dada! ;)

Slaughter Fam CEO said...

I often wondered if that was why Barrett was a little more laid back in his babyness . . . my attitude as opposed to his. However, that laid back baby I had then is gone now, so be sure to enjoy your angelic Ellie while you can!!