Ellie - 9 days old (3/10/07):
Gabby - 10 days old (2/2/05):
So, do they look like sisters? What do you think?
One thing to note...looking at the old pictures of Gabby, Gabby spent a lot more time awake, and a lot more time crying, than Ellie does these days. Will try to post awake comparison pics, if Ellie decides to wake up anytime soon, long enough for us to get some good pics!
(Also note, Gabby was actually 17 days older, gestationally, in these two pics, since Ellie was 6 days early, and Gabby was 10 days late).

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Anonymous said...

Joe, Basia and Gabby ! Congratulations on the birth of the new baby girl. Joe you are right, they definitely look very much alike (from the 2 pic's of the same age). The are both absolutely precious. Congratulations again !!

Linda Capo (coach)