Ellie's skin drama

Ellie chilling in Mama's new double jogging stroller:

This one was taken on her 2 month b-day:

All slimed up with her eczema treatments:

This is how we all felt about Ellie's skin situation:

Poor little munchkin.
But...after less than 2 days on her new "treatment plan" her skin looks tons better!

And we're all very happy about that:


Alicia said...

I am sorry to hear about the Eczema and I'm glad it has improved. Ellie is getting so big!
What a cute smile!

Lily's Mommy said...

Look at that grin! I used to think Ellie looked like Basia, but that smile is all Joe! Glad to hear she's feeling better, and sorry to her that Mommy has to give up dairy :( That would have done me in!!