We're back!

Well...things have been crazy here. Joe's been under a lot of deadline pressure at work, and all three ladies have taken turns being under the weather. Needless to say, we're all just exhausted these days.

But...here are a few pictures, to feed your curiousity as to what we've been up to!

Bobie came to visit last weekend:

Ellie recently suffered a miserable bout of eczema. (Not to mention the infant acne and cradle cap that decided to surface at the exact same time)! As a result of the eczema, (which may be do to a milk protein sensitivity), I'm now abstaining from dairy (no easy feat for someone whose favorite food is cheese or anything made with any kind of cheese!). Ellie's also being doused with a variety of medicinal and moisturizing creams and ointments, giving her a rather shiny face, but... her beautiful baby complexion is now on its way back, so it's all worth it!

I'll post some more Ellie pics shortly!

And just for fun, here's an action pic of our active toddler:

She was trying desperately to avoid having her picture taken.

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