87 cents is good and bad...

As y'all may recall, G and I went camping a few weekends back. In preparation for the event I bought 3 items from Academy's 87 cents aisle. I suppose the theory is, "Why should things cost a buck, when 87 cents will do fine?"

1 - Bubbles. These bubbles came in a small yellow tube that leaked. Not only that, but they were the gylcerin bubbles that didn't pop, and left a residue. Eventually, we needed to peel the film off G's hands. The bubbles never came home.

2 - Sidewalk Chaulk. As you may have noticed in the camping photos, this was a big hit. Aside from the fact that initial inspection of the chaulk involved G's dumping them on the ground and instantly multiplying their piececount, and the immediate attraction of the "sponge" that was in the container with the chaulk, which G decided was to be used as an eraser...it didn't last long. Since the camping weekend the chaulk have continued to multiply, and I fear may soon stage a coup.

3 - Kite. Camping weekend didn't afford us the opportunity to execute on the great idea that this item represented. Needless to say, I couldn't simply trash an 87 cent item. So this weekend I decided that it was time to surprise G with our new kite. We headed out this morning, and as I assembled the 87 cent wonder, I realized the true quality that the price tag represents. The kite directions were unclear, and the execution resulted in a nasty tear down the center of the kite surface. With the disappointment on my darlings face, came a decision. We would buy a new kite today! Knowing that we had Randall's on our "to do" list for the GroceryGame, I naturally assumed that such a purveyor that boasts, "Ingredients for Life," would surely carry a kite. And off we went...

We did the whole list, and then I became worried. After strolling thoughout the store, I still had not seen a single kite. Gabby was still talking about her preference for a purple kite with fish on it. Where she gets her ideas, I have no clue. I asked a gentleman, and after giving me a quizzical look, proceeded to hunt down an answer. I followed. Lo and behold there it was. A purple kite, with fish on it! Can this Dad deliver or what?

Later in the afternoon, as I prepared for "Kite fun part deux," I noticed that the new kite was missing it's twine and handle. It was included you know. It said so on the package. I was able to send B on a slight detour to handle this minor catastrophe while she was running a separate errand. Crisis avoided. We finally went to the park this afternoon, to find no wind. I mean I could've built a house of cards out there. Jenga, anyone? Ok, there was a slight breeze. But only enough to encourage me and a nice stranger, Gil, to attempt to get this purple fish kite into the air. No luck. Sorry, G. We'll try again some other time.

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