Well, tonight is the first night that our dear Ellie is sleeping in her crib. We've toyed with the idea for a little bit, but tonight we're pulling the trigger. Wish us luck.

One more thought, I'd like to share. It's an experience, actually. Ellie generally goes to sleep around 6-6:30 in the evening. She then wakes around 7-7:30 and goes back down at 8pm for the night. This presents us with a few opportunities to put her to bed after G's down (at 6:30-6:45). Generally, we hold her for about 5-15 min, then place her down and cross our fingers. Here's the funny thing. I'm sure y'all can tell from the photos we post that our little lady likes to smile. After we put her down she's usually quiet for a few minutes. Then we hear a little coo, and another and another. Before long, we go to check on her and Ellie is lying in her bassinet and smiling a big big smile when she sees us. Not asleep. But cute as heck.

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