Two Week Check-Up

Maggie and Ben had their two week check-up yesterday. Ben had put on 7 oz, bringing him up to a whopping 5 lbs 11 oz and Maggie had put on 5 oz, bringing her up to 5 lbs even. Yes...they are still little bitty babies. After a visit with the lactation consultant we got some strategies for keeping the babies awake for feedings, and for supplementing them so they'll fatten up a little and gain strength. Right now, it takes all their energy to feed, and they often fall asleep while they're eating. The goal is for them to put on at least an ounce per day for the next few weeks, so that's what our task is for this week. We'll weigh-in again next Friday. Aside from that, they're both healthy, and doing well. They're both sweet and cuddly, and remarkably strong for their tiny size. Also, Gabby was also happy to see that they've both lost their umbilical stumps and now have "normal belly buttons." :)

Pictures to follow soon!

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