A few pictures worth a bunch of words...

I thought y'all might enjoy a few new pictures.

Gabby walks without any encouragement now. It's really amazing. And she's so quick. She's across the whole house in about 10 seconds. That means that we're constantly keeping our ears peeled for...silence. Silence is mischief. She's into everything, and everywhere. I've also been amazed at her ability to stand on her toes...like a ballerina. No kidding.

She's getting ready to celebrate her first birthday - on Monday. And she's come so far. I encourage you to check out the archived entries (on the left) to remind yourself of how she's grown. And we've got so much more to grow. I'm so excited. I love that little girl. Now, check out the pictures!

Let's go for a walk!!

Keeping them clean.

Helping Daddy!!

Hanging with my toys.

So quick, the camera can't keep up!

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Anonymous said...

Don't you people have something else better to do? Don't worry people like me are just jealous.